Helping A Hero with Customized Homes!

There are several wounded soldiers that return home from battle in the Global War on Terror. Ever since the bombing of the twin towers in the USA in 2001, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan has claimed the lives of several soldiers and have left many severely injured. Some of them have lost sight, suffered extreme burns, had multiple amputations and experienced brain trauma damage. These war veterans are flown back home and they gradually need to be reintegrated into society and cope with their disabilities as they cannot go back to the battlefield to help again!

Helping A Hero- a campaign to honor and salute these precious war veterans

Helping A Hero is a campaign that awards these valuable war veterans customized homes that help them recover and cope with their new lives with their loved ones. The organizers of this campaign have partnerships with builders, developers and the whole community to build customized homes for every wounded soldier that comes back severely injured from war. The homes that are built for these wounded soldiers have larger halls and doors. They have rolling showers and other temperature controls specially if they have suffered severe burns in battle. The temperature of the home should be 68 degrees. These soldiers have no sweat glands and this is why they need to stay in a temperature- controlled environment.

The campaign invites donations from the people of America to contribute generously so that these brave soldiers are able to get a home of their own. The campaign focuses on these wounded soldiers that have faced the dangers of war for the sake of protecting the nation and people against terrorism.

Helping A Hero campaign is spearheaded by Meredith Iler She says that the campaign is a multimillion dollar fund raising campaign and till date the response has been very welcoming and generous. The organizers of the campaign also conduct regular events and other awareness programs so that the stories of these brave soldiers can be shared. Each of them who have sacrificed so much deserves a special home for their recovery and cure. The costs of war are high however these brave soldiers despite losing body parts have insurmountable spirit to fight terrorism and inspire their fellow soldiers on the battlefield to combat those who are spreading terror in across the world.

Helping A Hero is one of the most successful campaigns for wounded war veterans in the USA today. There have been over 100 customized homes built for these brave warriors and efforts are being made to create more. The soldiers are selected and they are gifted a home that is uniquely constructed to suit their individual needs. Each home is different and customized to the needs of that solider only. People of America have been generous enough to support their fellow countrymen that have left the comforts of their home and family to fight for world peace. The official website of the campaign accepts donations from anyone living in America that wishes to help these brave warriors who fought courageously for the sake of peace!