The importance of temperature control

Food control is nothing to balk at. Many famous companies have fallen foul of the guidelines and been very publicly criticised for poor food health and safety standards, so it is important that you have it under control in your own restaurant. Here are the best ways you can take charge of your temperatures and avoid a health disaster.

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Top tips

Regular temperature checks are of the utmost importance. This is not a daily or weekly task; instead, three or more times a day is the best way to make sure everything down to the saladette counter is at the perfect temperature. Keep a logbook of the temperatures so that you have a record to refer to. Temperature checks can save your food; for example, only with accurate readings could you tell whether the fridge had accidentally been disconnected or the power cut. This could rescue food that would otherwise go off if you didn’t notice until everything had started to rot.

The same goes for hot food. Test that your hot food is up to the country’s standards of temperature with a food thermometer as often as you can.

Where food is kept

You should keep the most perishable foods in the coldest area of the fridge, which includes meat items. Items stored in salad display counters from specialists such as should be kept away from the meat.

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Never, ever keep fridge items on the counter after use, and put them away immediately to make sure they get minimal exposure to the warmer air of the kitchen. If you have some hot food, let it cool down before putting it in the fridge – the combination of hot and cold air would be the perfect environment for bacteria to grow.

To better control the temperature of your food, cut it into smaller chunks or portions when it is delivered. This enables you to adjust the temperature via cooling or heating much quicker.

It is important to think about every last detail when looking at your kitchen temperature controls. Nobody wants the reputation of their store ruined – or worse, to be shut down – as a result of inappropriate temperature control. These tips should help you to keep your kitchen in top condition and ensure you are serving the very best quality food.