The Pain is Just Unbearable

I has having a really back pain in my back a few weeks ago, and it was really getting on my nerves. Even when I was sitting down, the pain would be so terrible that I would try anything to get it to stop. Normally when I have some intense pain, I use a Soma pill to deal with it, but I was out of pills, so I had to order some more from an online store. It would be a couple of days before the pills arrived, so I had to use a less effective medicine until the new batch arrived.

While waiting, I wasn’t really able to get a lot done. I usually exercise every couple of days to keep myself in shape, but I wasn’t able to stand up and run or walk for a long time, and I couldn’t lift any heavy weights or do any kind of work on an exercise machine because of the pain. I just wanted to sit in bed and read my science fiction book that I had been putting off for the past month or so. I bought the book because it was on sale, and wanted to start it, but my other activities kept getting in the way, and it was just collecting dust on my coffee table.

Once the pills arrived, I couldn’t wait to open the package and pop one into my mouth. It didn’t take long for them to start working, and when they did, I was in heaven. I didn’t feel the pain at all, and I was able to do everything that I had been doing before the pain started. I was up and about, walking around, running on the treadmill, and even lifting some weights. Then I stopped, and I wanted to jump back into the book because of how interest it was to read.