No Room for the Mole

Last month I went to a clinic for aesthetic treatment in Singapore so that I could have a mole removed. This mole had appeared on the middle of my nose randomly one day, and I didn’t know why. I looked at it with a magnifying lens and it just looked so weird. I tried to put makeup on it to cover it up, but that didn’t do anything. I didn’t want anyone to see my nose, and I felt like everyone was looking at it. I was reminded of that one spy movie where the person had a mole on his face and everyone kept talking about it. I had to do something to get rid of it, and that’s when I made the appointment.

At the clinic, the doctors there told me that I could get rid of the mole with the use of a laser treatment. The treatment was the same as one they used to remove various other things on the skin, such as warts, and even scars created by acne. They would have to put something on the mole to numbe the area, but after that, the laser would take care of all of the work, and I would be able to leave the clinic wihtout a mole on my face. They even told me that I would be able to work without any problems.

I had the treatment done, and the laser simply took of the mole and I was on my way the same day. I was glad that I could finally look in the mirror and not have to see that mole on my face. The mole was really starting to make me feel bad about myself, and although no one mentioned it, I could tell they were thinking about it and just staring at it.