Bird Netting for Our Parking Garage

I am an executive administrator at a local company, and I was surprised at our most persistent problem not long ago. We have a five story parking garage for all of our employees that attaches to the company building via a breezeway. I know with any parking structure like this, there are going to be issues with birds. However, we seemed to have more than just the usual problem with them. Birds were actually becoming a huge problem for anyone using the parking garage, and I knew that we needed to find some type of humane bird control that would take care of this problem once and for all.

The maintenance staff had tried a few different things, and I truly did appreciate their efforts. However, with this particular problem, the birds were definitely winning the battle. Too bad for them that I was prepared to win the war. I did some research online to figure out the best way to get the birds to stop seeing the parking garage as their roosting place. I did not want them to get hurt at all, but I also did not want them perched on the various beams and ledges that are everywhere in the parking structure.

I was happy to find a company that has a lot of experience with issues like this. The reason I chose them over others is because of the humane options they offered. I did not want to hurt or kill the birds. I just wanted them to relocate. This company was able to offer several solutions, and we chose to go with the bird netting one. They explained that they use this option a lot, and it is often extremely effective. They installed the netting, and we have not had any more issues with the birds since then!